Wednesday, January 13, 2016

12 Foods Nigerians Who Live Abroad Cherish

Living outside Nigeria could be a whole lot of fun, but after the excitement wears off and you start missing or craving your native dishes life could seem tougher. We made a list of food items Nigerians abroad could give an arm and a leg for at anytime.

1. Indomie

This food item ranks first on any list. No matter the price of Indomie at any African store, it never stays too long on the shelf. Seems the love for Indomie increases, once you step out of the country.

2. Gala

“Bring Gala o”. First, getting gala outside Nigeria is a well appreciated occurrence, why? It expires after two weeks! Eating fresh and good gala outside Nigeria is surely a privilege.

3. Plantain

It is safe to say that, 90% of Nigerians have a relationship with Plantains. “Give a Nigerian abroad a bunch of ripe plantains and he will be your friend forever” – William Shakespeare.

4. Agege Bread

Agege Bread
You see this item right here? Gold. You think you would not crave Agege bread or you can handle the absence of it. But when your nostrils smell it outside Nigeria, your tummy does a thanksgiving service.

5. Party Jollof

Party Jollofvia Dooneys Kitchen
It is widely accepted that Jollof rice is the key to happiness. But perfectly made Party Jollof rice unlocks a special dimension. Especially when you find it outside Nigeria.

6. Buka Stew

Buka Stew
This Stew has changed lives. The recipe to the perfect buka stew is probably known by only a select few. Now imagine what a Nigerian abroad will do to get a bowl of this goodness.

7. Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk
When you leave the shores of Nigeria, powdered milk becomes a unicorn in some countries. And you have to make do with liquid milk. Presenting a Nigerian with “baba sala” Peak milk or a Nido tin = manna from heaven.

8. Sardines

A couple of these, about a dozen, especially the Titus brand could serve as a decent gift to some Nigerians outside the country. Trust us we have done our research.

9. Suya

Yo! You know how we can’t get enough of this at times, even while it is abundant on the streets. Imagine getting well made suya to a Nigerian that doesn’t have it readily available. Happiness.

10. Kilishi

“Please bring Kilishi when you are coming”. This is a cliche statement when Nigerians abroad meet someone going back home. Get them Kilishi and you have their heart!

11. Ayamase (Designer Stew)

This stew/soup is multipurpose and multi-satisfying. Just a few (if any) Nigerian restaurants outside the country serve it. Give a Nigerian abroad a large bowl of this, priceless!

12. Mr Biggs Meatpie

Mr Biggs Meatpie
People who have eaten this know that it has a special recipe very hard to nail. Getting this pastry to a Nigerian abroad, could mean you are a magician. Mr Biggs Y U No open branches outside Nigeria?