Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Star Wars' fans fear spoilers

"Star Wars" studio Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm are encouraging reviewers to hold back as well, asking that reviews be embargoed until 12:01 a.m. PT Wednesday.
The film premiere is Monday night, with press screenings scheduled for Tuesday.
Of course, this being 2015, the message from others is: Good luck.
    There are at least six Twitter accounts dedicated to "Star Wars spoilers," though not all of them may actually be posting every last detail -- and none of them currently has more than 110 followers.
    With interest extremely high and showings selling out, the Verge -- drawing from Reddit user and theater employee hypedwookie13 -- offered a tip to theatergoers who see the film before their fellow fans: "Don't talk about Star Wars spoilers on your way out of the theater," it headlined a story.
    At least one Twitter user is taking a Jedi-like Zen approach to the whole thing.
    "Interestingly, I found myself not caring too much about Star Wars spoilers," wortwelt tweeted. "huh. Sue me :)"
    If social media is any indication, he'll probably be in the minority.