Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SEE Port Harcourt In 10 Amazing Photos Posted On Instagram

Almost 1.4 million people enjoy mornings and sunsets of Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state, on a daily basis. The city that lies along the Bonny River has its charm and beauty.
Check out photos of Port Harcourt made by its citizens and tourists. The images won’t leave you indifferent!
1. Paradise in Port Hatcourt

2. A real man of the metropolis

3. It’s called Rivers state for a reason. Rainy season in Niger Delta

4. Urban lion… rawr

5. All hands on deck!

“Never ever give up.”
6. “Crime and punishment”

7. Breathtaking view, isn’t it?

8. Boy and his herd of cows

9.  Share it with pikin (wink)

10. Local transport in the swamps of the Niger Delta, taken from Obama Flow Station.

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