Thursday, December 10, 2015

SEE How This Woman Wished Her Wicked Husband A Happy Birthday | Photos

A woman, Florence Sabo Campbell, has sent her husband the most ‘controversial’ birthday message ever on Facebook.
The Facebook user took to her page on Sunday, December 6, wishing her husband a happy birthday, accompanying the wishes swiftly with curses. The pregnant woman shared alongside the weird birthday message, a collage of photos which shows her allegedly brutally beaten with blood stains all over her.
From all indications, Florence Sabo Campbell put up the message to let the whole world know what she had been passing through in her marriage. According to her Facebook message, she wants the whole world to know the type of marriage she was in, and why she used her hard earned money to file for divorce. The Facebook message reads:
”Happy birthday my husband and would be ex-husband James Alphonso Campbell the most wicked and voilent man I have ever known in my life.May this day be the beginning of the time you will pay for all your crimes. May God never allow you to skip judgment and may your wickedness be serve as a birthday cake as you celebrate for the rest of your life.As you turtured me day and night when I was in your house may the laws of this country catch up with you one day . I survived your cruelty towards me because God was on my side but now is the time for the whole world to know the marriage I was in and why I used my hard earn money to file for divorce. See you soon in court James A Campbell.”
Just recently, reports hit the internet about how Nigerian rapper, 2 Shotz turned his wife, Precious Jones into a punching bag.
Source: Naij