Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SEE HOW Lagosians Do Their Shopping Ahead Of Christmas

It’s that period of the year again when Lagosians flood markets in the city to do their shopping. The city is known for being a business district but December has proven to have an extra tilt in terms of holiday shopping.
The period before Christmas is usually a very busy one in the city as a lot of people go to major markets to buy clothes and gift in anticipation of Christmas. A lot of people who plan to spend the holiday in their villages see it as a point of duty to buy ‘Lagos’ items and gifts to give to people.
A visit to a market in Lagos showed large crowds of shoppers and sellers sweating it out in the harmattan sun to get a good bargain. There were lots of pushing and shoving, screaming and haggling but all was in good faith as money exchanged hands and goods were wrapped in nylons.