Thursday, December 24, 2015

50 Cent slaps Rick Ross with a $2 million lawsuit for using his ‘In Da Club’ beat

The beef between rappers 50 cent and Rick Ross is apparently a long way from being squashed.
The two have been feuding for over five years now with each party coming after the other in whatever way possible, mostly by jabs on social media. Just last month, 50 cent mocked a shirt depicting the naked torso of Rick Ross which MayBach Music Group sells on their site for $25 and now he is taking the beef one step higher.
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Reportedly, 50 is suing Rick Ross for using his classic In Da Club beat on his recent mixtape Renzel Remixes without his permission. Renzel Remixes was a free mixtape, however, 50 cent who is known to be petty, claims it helped publicize Ross’ album Black Market, which dropped a week later. The G-Unit boss is reportedly seeking over $2 million in compensation from the lawsuit which was filed in Connecticut this week.
In July, 50 Cent was ordered by a court to pay $5 million to R’s baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, for posting a sex tape of her online.
Could this be payback?
Source: HipHopdx